Docker container around the Travis command line tool
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A Docker image to run the travis cli tool without having to install it (or Ruby).


docker run --rm -it  \
  -v $PWD:/travis    \
  -v ~/.travis-cli:/home/travis-cli  \
  rycus86/travis-cli COMMAND

The /travis mount will bring in the current directory you're in. The ~/.travis-cli mount will save settings like login token, etc.


The Docker image can be fetched with a simple docker pull rycus86/travis-cli command. Though if you want a wrapper to execute it like the example above you can execute:

curl -sSL | sudo sh

Ignore sudo and just do ... | sh if that's appropriate.

This will install the travis-cli Shell wrapper in /usr/local/bin/travis-cli.
Try the installation with travis-cli help afterwards.

Check the file to see what gets installed when using this installation method.