A simple site monitor with screenshots
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Site Monitor

Site monitor is a simple solution that takes screenshots of an array of sites you provide. You can schedule screenshots via a cron-job, and check up on it at any time.View more info here.


First, clone this repository to your server (this is cloning into a folder called monitor)

git clone https://github.com/ryderdamen/Site-Monitor.git monitor

Next, enter the folder and install dependencies with composer

cd monitor
composer install

Edit app/config.php to determine which sites to monitor, and any keys associated

// Enter the sites to monitor
$sites = array(

// Enter an access key for the main page, or leave it blank
$indexAccessKey = "";

Once sites are configured, you can schedule the cron job to monitor the sites

0 6 * * * php /path/to/your/installation/monitor/app/cron.php

To get things up and running quicker, force a screenshot right away

php /path/to/your/installation/monitor/app/cron.php

If you've installed your project in a public directory, it should now be visible on the web. If you provided an access key, you will need to specify that with the parameter ?key=yourkey.