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Wander - A WordPress Plugin For Travel Blogs

Wander is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed for travel bloggers to help share their current location, their travels, and the countries they've visited.

This readme contains comprehensive documentation of the entire plugin. It's designed to be simple to use, but if you want lots of control over the nitty-gritty, this is the place to be.

The Admin Menu (How To Configure Stuff)

The admin menu is a backend WordPress menu used to maintain the settings for Wander. It allows a user to do the following:

  • Choose their current location
  • Check off the list of countries they've visited / lived / want to go to, and the category of posts that pertain to them.

Once all settings are properly configured, a user is able to display their current location, a map, and a list of countries via shortcodes.

Short Codes (How To Display Stuff)

Wander Location

The wander location shortcode [wander-location] allows you to display your current location (as updated in the Admin Menu). It has a few options you can customize via shortcode parameters:

  • Link [wander-location link="true"]
    • By default, link is turned off. Turning is on (with the above shortcode) causes the shortcode to return a link to a google maps location of the address you entered on the admin screen
    • To turn on linking, simply include the shortcode as seen above
  • City [wander-location city="false"]
    • This parameter allows you to not return the name of the city (therefore only the country) that you are in
    • By default, it is turned on. By using the above shortcode (turning it off), your location would stop printing as 'Toronto, Canada', and simply return 'Canada'
  • Country [wander-location country="false"]
    • Same as above (city) but with the country

Wander Map

The default shortcode [wander-map] will produce a responsive map of the world on a page or post. This map will display a list of countries to which the user has either lived, visited, or wants to visit (in that priority). Therefore if a user has chosen that they have both lived in and visited a country, the map will only display that the user has lived in that country.

Changing Colours

The colours for the three types of countries (lived, visited, next) are customizable from the main Wander Menu, but can also be overridden for a particular map by using the following parameters in the shortcode:

[wander-map livedcolor="#cc0000" visitedcolor="#cc0000" nextcolor="#cc0000"]

The above shortcode will cause all three countries to default to red (#cc0000) for that particular map. Other maps will remain unaffected.

Users are also able to control the colour of many other aspects of the map, listed below:

  • Hover Colour [wander-map hovercolor="#cc0000"]
    • Controls the colour that users see when they hover over a particular country
  • Default Colour [wander-map defaultcolor="#cc0000"]
    • Controls the colour of the non-specified countries

Showing Certain Country Types

The map by default shows all country types (lived, visited, next), but the user has the ability to exclude a specific type by using the following shortcodes:

  • Exclude Visited Countries [wander-map showvisited="false"]
  • Exclude Lived Countries [wander-map showlived="false"]
  • Exclude Next Countries [wander-map shownext="false"]


By default, the map will show labels of countries that are on one of your lists (visited, lived, next). When hovering, it will show the name of the country, plus a message as to which 'type' of country it is (visited, lived, next). You can adjust various options with the following shortcodes:

  • Disable Labels Entirely [wander-map disablelabels="true"]
    • This will disable labels entirely across the entire map
  • Change the message for which "type" of country it is
    • By using the shortcode [wander-map visitedmessage="I have visited here!"] you can update the message that displays when a user hovers over a country you have visited.
    • The same is done for countries you have lived in: [wander-map livedmessage="This place is like a home to me :)"]
    • and countries you want to visit: [wander-map nextmessage="I'm totally going here next."]
  • Show labels on countries not specified in any of the lists
    • This is by default turned off, but if you want to show labels for all countries, use the following shortcode [wander-map showalllabels="true"]

Wander List

The wander list allows a user to display a list (ul tags) of the countries they've visited, want to visit, or have lived in. By default, including the shortcode [wander-list] will cause the page or post to return a list of countries the user has visited, with the emoji flag next to that particular country like below. By default, if the country has a category chosen in the admin panel, it will link to the category page of your blog.

Australia 🇦🇺
Canada 🇨🇦
China 🇨🇳
Germany 🇩🇪
Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Korea (South) 🇰🇷
United States 🇺🇸

As always, there are various parameters that can be set to customize this list to your needs; they are as follows.

  • Display Countries Lived [wander-list type="lived"]
    • This will display a list of countries the user has lived in, as set by the admin panel.
  • Display Countries you want to visit [wander-list type="next"]
    • Displays a list of countries you want to visit next
  • The Reverse Parameter [wander-list reverse="true"]
    • Using this parameter will cause the list to return the opposite of what you expect. In the case of the above shortcode, this will return a full list of countries you have NOT visited.
  • The Number Parameter [wander-list number="true"]
    • This returns the NUMBER of countries in that particular list. It is useful for including in the sentence "I have visited [wander-list number="true"] countries so far".
  • The Flag Parameter [wander-list flags="false"]
    • By default, country flag emojis are shown. By including this parameter, you disable the flags for the list
  • The Links Parameter [wander-list links="false"]
    • By default, if a category is chosen for that particular country in the admin panel, a link will appear to that category page on your blog. By including this parameter as false, you disable linking functionality for that particular list.

Google Map Wander Map

This was abandoned part way through development, and is not currently maintain. Plans to extend functionality in the future exist, but there's no specific time frame. Sorry! :)

Dependencies & Special Thanks

Todo (For Ryder)

  • Wander Map
    • Add clickable functionality (categories)
      • Add variable to enable/disable clicking // disable completely if no category exists
  • Current Location
    • Fix weird error where country or city isn't shown, see Taipei
    • fix the no location error (just displaying a comma)