A combination of cheats that I've been creating with NTR
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Currently my plugin is in beta and unfinished, as I'm trying to either port or find new cheats every day, but I decided to release it :).

The cheats that are used in this plugin are:

  • Text to item
  • Moon Jump
  • Teleport
  • Seeder
  • Destroyer
  • Coordinates
  • Modifier
  • Destroy all weeds
  • Duplication
  • Water all flowers
  • Instant Tree

What each cheat does:

  • Text to item: Type in the ID of the item you want and press X + D Pad Right to write that item to slot 1 of your inventory. This code was originally written for gateshark by @cearp but @justync7 ported it to NTR. I just changed the key press so I could use duplication cheat, that I will be incorporating into a later build of this plugin. (This works online and offline but you need to be the host) You can find item IDs here.
  • Moon Jump: Press L to make your character fly :D. This allows walking over objects and buildings. This works online, but the other character doesn't see you flying. (Don't press L when on the title screen, or else your whole system may crash)
  • Teleport: Press B+D Pad Up to save your current location and Press A+D Pad down to teleport to your saved location. Press A+D Pad Right to teleport to the saved X coordinate, and A+ D Pad Left to teleport to the saved Y coordinate.
  • Seeder: Type in the hex code of the item (tree rocks and outside stuff works) you want, drop a 100 bell coin and then press R+ D Pad down to set the 100 bell coin to whatever the hex code of the item you type in chat is.
  • Destroyer: Works the same way as Seeder, but instead of dropping a 100 bell coin, it will destroy whatever item id you type in the chat on the map. Press R+D pad up to initialize (useful for clearing weeds on the fly)
  • Item Duplication: Press R to duplicate whatever item you have in slot 1 to slot 2. This continues to execute until you release the R button so it's useful to plant flowers or something :P
  • Destroy All Weeds: Press R+A to eliminate all instances of weeds, clovers, rafflesia and dandelions. Does not work online, and this code is a little unstable but I think all the bugs are ironed out.
  • Coordinates Modifier: This code is still in beta; I'm fiddling with it to make it go fast, but not too fast. You press A+D pad in the direction you want, and you'll be moving around the map without even moving your legs! You move around so fast that you can bypass collisions so you can basically walk anywhere you want :) (This works online and in buildings)
  • Instant Tree : Press X for your tree to instantly grow

How to install:

  • Have a CFW enabled 3DS and install NTR 3.3+
  • Download and extract using winRar
  • Copy the '0004000000086300' folder to the 'plugin' folder on your SD card. (or 0004000000086400 for EUR)
  • Boot NTR 3.3
  • Launch Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Press X+Y to open NTR menu, and then enter Game Plugin
  • Select the cheats you want and then press B to close
  • Enjoy


  • @Nanquitas he's the real MVP at helping me with this plugin. He not only taught me how to write multiple functions, but he helped clean up my code and helped correcting my erros. This plugin wouldn't have been brought to us without his help.
  • @Mega-Mew finding outdoor X+Y coordinates
  • @cell9 NTR
  • @imthe666st modified NTR client, to help find offsets, since it has a very user friendly UI
  • @MrDavidPerson For the HQ demo of the plugin

I'm requesting people to help with this plugin if they have anything interesting they'd like to share or change (ex: ram offsets, plugins, or improvements in my code)


  • Port to EUR
  • Fix codes that may crash your game
  • Create more codes (planning on finding weather and time offsets, but it's a slow process :sleep:)
  • Tweak keypresses if needed.

How to compile:

  • Download devkitPro from here: [https://sourceforge.net/projects/devkitpro/](https://sourceforge.net/projects/devkitpro/)
  • Run build.bat from the menuCheat folder.
  • If everything works, then a new cheat.plg file should be created.

How to edit the layout to your liking: See this post on the GBATemp thread