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[] = tentative assigned person.
popout = tweetview/profileview
column = column with list of tweets
panel = accounts or timeline
Goals for 3.0
- Gapless Tweets: always get the # of tweets needed to get up to date. no set limit [Funkatron?]
- Use Accounts panel to add/remove columns. [Tibfib]
- Custom Searches (also, allow more than one search per column!) [Tibfib + Funkatron]
- Allow users to clear seen tweets
- tapping search button brings up popout, from there people can decide if they want to save the search as a column [Tibfib]
- Compose ... what to do, options:
- Have a dialog in middle of screen. scrim over other elements
- Tweet Translation
- Conversation view in tweet view (option to auto load)
- Embedded images? (could work pretty well with Virtual List and its gradual loading of items... call function, passing callback and row index. callback refreshes row index ..
- Advanced Gestures
- two finger to top/bottom
- Filter by keyword
- Timeline marker.
- could go with gapless tweets.
- 2fing scroll goes to timeline marker, then top/bottom
- Timed tweets (if there is another service with an api available)
- Themes
- Syncing with other version of Spaz