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feather version manager based on nvm

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fvm auto downloads tagged packages from theVolary's feather repo and sets up environment variables so you can easily switch between released(tagged) versions of feather runtimes.


  • clone this repo or just copy into a folder called 'fvm' (name isn't really important but for sake of these directions we're assuming you went with 'fvm').
  • source the file (.
  • install/use: (NOTE: the vX.X.X in the examples below should be replaced with whichever published tag you want to install. The tags can be found at the feather github repo)
    • fvm install v0.1.3 (note: install automatically calls use when it's finished)
    • fvm use v0.1.2 (uses a previously installed version)
    • fvm use ./ (this version of the use command allows you to use a custom or bleeding edge version that's on your local machine. You must, of course, use this only from within the top-level feather folder that you wish to make the current working version)


Just like with nvm, we like to edit our .bashrc file so that is sourced at startup:

fvm use v0.1.3

(and of course you would update the final line to use a new version as you upgrade the "default" version on your machine)

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