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code used playing with my andruino
Common Lisp Processing Python
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new mpc button handler to add more music

if the button is pressed while stopped, we look at the song titles in the playlist,
and search for albums with similar names. Very naive substring searches.

enqueues the first album we find containing one word from the last song played
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cl-arduino restructured code to be asdf loadable.
fadey got the leds running off the pot, now just need to swap in a sensor
ir_decode Tweaked the ir_decode bits until I got a sensible value from the remo…
serial-repeater restructured code to be asdf loadable.
src restructured code to be asdf loadable.
stub Fixed a bug in the makefile so I could use Serial.print, and then added
.gitignore ignoring a few artifacts
LICENSE adding a 'do-whatever' license just in case
README more logging, mpc handler for the big button
cl-arduino.asd restructured code to be asdf loadable.


This is my arduino playground.

 * sometimes you need to change the /dev/ttyUSB# number in
 * when running make upload, hit the reset button on the board at the same time you push enter.

## Install

* sudo apt-get install arduino arduino-core
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