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Added needed cffi: package prefixes.

I had forgotten to add cffi: prefixes to the release-stucturing-element
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1 parent 7b6cd22 commit 62026d1c31201b2ce48e6a04550cd68b91fd80a8 J. Bromley committed Apr 1, 2011
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4 imgproc.lisp
@@ -113,8 +113,8 @@ FILTER for the convolution."
(element-ptr :pointer))
(defun release-structuring-element (element)
- (with-foreign-object (element-ptr :pointer)
- (setf (mem-ref element-ptr :pointer) element)
+ (cffi:with-foreign-object (element-ptr :pointer)
+ (setf (cffi:mem-ref element-ptr :pointer) element)
(%release-structuring-element element-ptr)))

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