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Coroutines for lisp
Common Lisp
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This library implements coroutines, using continuations.

Usage Examples


#BEGIN_SRC > (defvar c (make-coroutine () (yield 1) (yield 3))) C > (funcall c) 1 > (funcall c) 3 > (funcall c) :DONE > (funcall c) :DONE #END_SRC

pick your own “done” value:

#BEGIN_SRC > (setf c (make-coroutine (:done-value nil) (yield 1)) C > (funcall c) 1 > (funcall c) NIL > (funcall c) NIL #END_SRC

pick a name other than “yield”

#BEGIN_SRC > (setf c (make-coroutine (:yield generate) (generate 1)) C > (funcall c) 1 > (funcall c) :DONE #END_SRC

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