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Resume: Bob Yexley

Creative Commons License
Resume by Bob Yexley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


npm run edit

Starts BrowserSync on port 7001 and runs gulp watch. Navigate to http://localhost:7001.

  • Edit the following files to make updates:
    • Content: src/resume.json and src/resume.enhancements.json are merged together into a single JSON object which is fed to the main Handlebars layout file, src/templates/resume-template.html
    • Templates: src/templates - the Handlebars/HTML templates the Resume HTML is built from
    • CSS: src/css - modularized CSS structure is processed by PostCSS and generated to assets/css
    • JS: assets/js/main.js - the lone JS module that drives the rendered resume HTML in the browser
  • Any change to any template or either of the content files will trigger a re-generation of index.html in the root, which is the rendered, resume output HTML
  • Any changes to index.html, assets/**/*.css or assets/**/*.js will trigger a refresh of the browser via BrowserSync.


  • Finish print styling elements
  • Integrate Markdown processing into rendering of plain text elements for enhanced capabilities
  • Generate a PDF version based on the generated HTML