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(ns swank.core
(:refer-clojure :exclude [next])
(:use (swank util commands)
(swank.util hooks)
(swank.util.concurrent thread)
(swank.core connection hooks threadmap debugger-backends))
(:require (swank.util.concurrent [mbox :as mb])
(clj-stacktrace core repl))
(:use [swank.util.clj-stacktrace-compat
:only [pst-elem-str find-source-width]])
(:import ( BufferedReader)))
;; Protocol version
(defonce protocol-version (atom "20100404"))
;; Emacs packages
(def #^{:dynamic true} *current-package*)
;; current emacs eval id
(def #^{:dynamic true} *pending-continuations* '())
(def color-support? (atom false))
(def exit-on-quit? (atom true))
(def sldb-stepping-p nil)
(def sldb-initial-frames 10)
(def #^{:dynamic true} #^{:doc "The current level of recursive debugging."}
*sldb-level* 0)
(def #^{:dynamic true} #^{:doc "The current restarts."}
*sldb-restarts* 0)
(def #^{:doc "Include swank-clojure thread in stack trace for debugger."}
debug-swank-clojure false)
(defonce active-threads (ref ()))
(defn maybe-ns [package]
(symbol? package) (or (find-ns package) (maybe-ns 'user))
(string? package) (maybe-ns (symbol package))
(keyword? package) (maybe-ns (name package))
(instance? clojure.lang.Namespace package) package
:else (maybe-ns 'user)))
(defmacro with-emacs-package [& body]
`(binding [*ns* (maybe-ns *current-package*)]
(defmacro with-package-tracking [& body]
`(let [last-ns# *ns*]
(when-not (= last-ns# *ns*)
(send-to-emacs `(:new-package ~(str (ns-name *ns*))
~(str (ns-name *ns*)))))))))
(defmacro dothread-swank [& body]
`(dothread-keeping-clj [*current-connection*]
;; Exceptions for debugging
(defonce debug-quit-exception (Exception. "Debug quit"))
(defonce debug-continue-exception (Exception. "Debug continue"))
(defonce debug-abort-exception (Exception. "Debug abort"))
(defonce debug-invalid-restart-exception (Exception. "Invalid restart"))
(def #^{:dynamic true} #^Throwable *current-exception* nil)
;; Local environment
(def #^{:dynamic true} *current-env* nil)
(let [&env :unavailable]
(defmacro local-bindings
"Produces a map of the names of local bindings to their values."
(if-not (= &env :unavailable)
(let [symbols (keys &env)]
(zipmap (map (fn [sym] `(quote ~sym)) symbols) symbols)))))
;; Handle Evaluation
(defn send-to-emacs
"Sends a message (msg) to emacs."
(mb/send @(*current-connection* :control-thread) msg)))
(defn send-repl-results-to-emacs [val]
(send-to-emacs `(:write-string ~(str (pr-str val) "\n") :repl-result)))
(defn with-env-locals
"Evals a form with given locals. The locals should be a map of symbols to
(if (seq *current-env*)
`(let ~(vec (mapcat #(list % `(*current-env* '~%)) (keys *current-env*)))
(defn eval-in-emacs-package [form]
(eval form)))
(defn eval-from-control
"Blocks for a mbox message from the control thread and executes it
when received. The mbox message is expected to be a slime-fn."
([] (let [form (mb/receive (current-thread))]
(apply (ns-resolve *ns* (first form)) (rest form)))))
(defn eval-loop
"A loop which continuosly reads actions from the control thread and
evaluates them (will block if no mbox message is available)."
([] (continuously (eval-from-control))))
(defn exception-causes [#^Throwable t]
(cons t (when-let [cause (.getCause t)]
(exception-causes cause)))))
(defn- debug-quit-exception? [t]
(some #(identical? debug-quit-exception %) (exception-causes t)))
(defn debug-continue-exception? [t]
(some #(identical? debug-continue-exception %) (exception-causes t)))
(defn- debug-abort-exception? [t]
(some #(identical? debug-abort-exception %) (exception-causes t)))
(defn- debug-invalid-restart-exception? [t]
(some #(identical? debug-invalid-restart-exception %) (exception-causes t)))
(defn exception-str [width elem]
@color-support? (clj-stacktrace.core/parse-trace-elem elem) width))
(defmethod exception-stacktrace :default [t]
(let [width (find-source-width
(clj-stacktrace.core/parse-exception t))]
(map #(list %1 %2 '(:restartable nil))
(iterate inc 0)
(map #(exception-str width %) (.getStackTrace #^Throwable t)))))
(defmethod debugger-condition-for-emacs :default []
(list (or (.getMessage #^Throwable *current-exception*)
(.toString #^Throwable *current-exception*)
"No message.")
(str " [Thrown " (class *current-exception*) "]")
(defn make-restart [kw name description f]
[kw [name description f]])
(defn add-restart-if [condition restarts kw name description f]
(if condition
(conj restarts (make-restart kw name description f))
(declare sldb-debug)
(defn cause-restart-for [#^Throwable thrown depth]
(keyword (str "cause" depth))
(str "CAUSE" depth)
(str "Invoke debugger on cause "
(apply str (take depth (repeat " ")))
(.getMessage thrown)
" [Thrown " (class thrown) "]")
(partial sldb-debug nil thrown *pending-continuations*)))
(defn add-cause-restarts [restarts #^Throwable thrown]
(loop [restarts restarts
cause (.getCause thrown)
level 1]
(if cause
(conj restarts (cause-restart-for cause level))
(.getCause cause)
(inc level))
(defmethod calculate-restarts :default [#^Throwable thrown]
(let [restarts [(make-restart :quit "QUIT" "Quit to the SLIME top level"
(fn [] (throw debug-quit-exception)))]
restarts (add-restart-if
(pos? *sldb-level*)
:abort "ABORT" (str "ABORT to SLIME level " (dec *sldb-level*))
(fn [] (throw debug-abort-exception)))
restarts (add-restart-if
(and (.getMessage thrown)
(.contains (.getMessage thrown) "BREAK"))
:continue "CONTINUE" (str "Continue from breakpoint")
(fn [] (throw debug-continue-exception)))
restarts (add-cause-restarts restarts thrown)]
(into (array-map) restarts)))
(defn format-restarts-for-emacs []
(doall (map #(list (first (second %)) (second (second %))) *sldb-restarts*)))
(defmethod build-backtrace :default [start end]
(doall (take (- end start) (drop start (exception-stacktrace *current-exception*)))))
(defn build-debugger-info-for-emacs [start end]
(list (debugger-condition-for-emacs)
(build-backtrace start end)
(defn sldb-loop
"A loop that is intented to take over an eval thread when a debug is
encountered (an continue to perform the same thing). It will
continue until a *debug-quit* exception is encountered."
(list* :debug (current-thread) level
(build-debugger-info-for-emacs 0 sldb-initial-frames)))
([] (continuously
(send-to-emacs `(:debug-activate ~(current-thread) ~level nil))
(catch Throwable t
`(:debug-return ~(current-thread) ~*sldb-level* ~sldb-stepping-p))
(if-not (handled-exception? t)
(throw t)))))
(defn invoke-debugger
[locals #^Throwable thrown id]
(binding [*current-env* locals
*current-exception* thrown
*sldb-restarts* (calculate-restarts thrown)
*sldb-level* (inc *sldb-level*)]
(sldb-loop *sldb-level*)))
(defn sldb-debug [locals thrown id]
(invoke-debugger locals thrown id)
(catch Throwable t
(when (and (pos? *sldb-level*)
(not (debug-abort-exception? t)))
(throw t)))))
(defmacro break
`(invoke-debugger (local-bindings) (Exception. "BREAK:") *pending-continuations*))
(defn doall-seq [coll]
(if (seq? coll)
(doall coll)
(defn eval-for-emacs [form buffer-package id]
(binding [*current-package* buffer-package
*pending-continuations* (cons id *pending-continuations*)]
(if-let [f (slime-fn (first form))]
(let [form (cons f (rest form))
result (doall-seq (eval-in-emacs-package form))]
(run-hook pre-reply-hook)
(send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread))
(:ok ~result) ~id)))
;; swank function not defined, abort
(send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))))
(catch Throwable t
;; Thread/interrupted clears this thread's interrupted status; if
;; Thread.stop was called on us it may be set and will cause an
;; InterruptedException in one of the send-to-emacs calls below
;; (.printStackTrace t #^ *err*)
(debug-quit-exception? t)
(send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))
(if-not (zero? *sldb-level*)
(throw t)))
(debug-abort-exception? t)
(send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))
(if-not (zero? *sldb-level*)
(throw debug-abort-exception)))
(debug-continue-exception? t)
(send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))
(throw t))
(debug-invalid-restart-exception? t)
(send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread))
(:ok "Restart index out of bounds") ~id))
(debugger-exception? t)
(throw t)
(set! *e t)
(if debug-swank-clojure t (or (.getCause t) t))
;; reply with abort
(finally (send-to-emacs
`(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id)))))))))
(defn- add-active-thread [thread]
(commute active-threads conj thread)))
(defn- remove-active-thread [thread]
(commute active-threads (fn [threads] (remove #(= % thread) threads)))))
(def swank-worker-thread-name "Swank Worker Thread")
(defonce swank-worker-thread-group
(ThreadGroup. swank-worker-thread-name))
(defn spawn-worker-thread
"Spawn an thread that blocks for a single command from the control
thread, executes it, then terminates."
;; binding is a signal to dbe's not to allow bp's on this thread
;; because it will hang swank
(binding [*new-thread-group* swank-worker-thread-group]
(add-active-thread (current-thread))
(thread-set-name swank-worker-thread-name)
(remove-active-thread (current-thread))))))))
(defn spawn-repl-thread
"Spawn an thread that sets itself as the current
connection's :repl-thread and then enters an eval-loop"
(thread-set-name "Swank REPL Thread")
(with-connection conn
(defn find-or-spawn-repl-thread
"Returns the current connection's repl-thread or create a new one if
the existing one does not exist."
;; TODO - check if an existing repl-agent is still active & doesn't have errors
(or (when-let [conn-repl-thread @(conn :repl-thread)]
(when (.isAlive #^Thread conn-repl-thread)
(ref-set (conn :repl-thread)
(spawn-repl-thread conn))))))
(defn thread-for-evaluation
"Given an id and connection, find or create the appropiate agent."
([id conn]
(= id true) (spawn-worker-thread conn)
(= id :repl-thread) (find-or-spawn-repl-thread conn)
:else (find-thread id))))
;;; slime proto :emacs-return support and the swank commands
;;; that depend on it: :eval :read-from-minibuffer :y-or-n-p :read-string
(defonce emacs-return-promises (atom {}))
(defn- create-emacs-return-promise [thread tag]
(let [p (promise)]
(swap! emacs-return-promises
(fn [promise-map]
(assoc promise-map [thread tag] p)))
(defn- clear-emacs-return-promise [thread tag]
(swap! emacs-return-promises
(fn [promise-map] (dissoc promise-map [thread tag]))))
(defn- deliver-emacs-return-promise [thread tag val]
(let [p (@emacs-return-promises [thread tag])]
(if p
(deliver p val))))
(defn- send-slime-command-to-emacs-and-wait [slime-command & args]
(assert (#{:eval :read-from-minibuffer
:y-or-n-p :read-string}
(let [thread (thread-name (current-thread))
tag (str (java.util.UUID/randomUUID))
p (create-emacs-return-promise thread tag)]
(send-to-emacs `(~slime-command ~thread ~tag ~@args))
(let [retval @p]
(clear-emacs-return-promise thread tag)
(defn eval-in-emacs
"Sends an elisp `formstring` to slime for evaluation and blocks
until that the result of the eval is available.
Unlike `eval-in-emacs-async`, this function unwraps the slime-proto
return value and cleans up the promise used .
NOTE: you must (setq slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs t) on the Emacs
side before calling this function."
(let [retval (send-slime-command-to-emacs-and-wait :eval formstring)]
(case (first retval)
:ok (second retval)
:abort (throw (Exception. "Emacs eval abort")))))
(defn eval-in-emacs-async
"Sends an elisp `formstring` to slime for evaluation and immediately
returns a promise that the result of the eval will be delivered to
The value delivered to the promise is either (:ok retval)
or (:abort) if there was any error.
The `thread` argument should be the thread name or id. The `tag`
argument is an arbitrary string identifier used to address the
return value from emacs to the correct promise. UUID's are a good
Callers of this function are responsible for calling
(clear-emacs-return-promise thread tag) after they have retrieved
the return value from the promise.
NOTE: you must (setq slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs t) on the Emacs
side before calling this function."
[formstring thread tag]
(let [p (create-emacs-return-promise thread tag)]
(send-to-emacs `(:eval ~thread ~tag ~formstring))
(defn read-line-from-emacs []
(send-slime-command-to-emacs-and-wait :read-string))
(defn read-from-emacs-minibuffer [prompt & [initial-value]]
(send-slime-command-to-emacs-and-wait :read-from-minibuffer prompt initial-value))
(defmacro with-read-line-support
"Rebind *in* to a proxy that dispatches .readLine to Emacs,
so `(read-line)` will work within slime sessions.
Note, .read / (read), etc will not work."
[& body]
`(binding [*in* (proxy [BufferedReader] [*in*]
(readLine []
;; Handle control
(defn read-loop
"A loop that reads from the socket (will block when no message
available) and dispatches the message to the control thread."
([conn control]
(with-connection conn
(continuously (mb/send control (read-from-connection conn))))))
(defn dispatch-event
"Dispatches/executes an event in the control thread's mailbox queue."
([ev conn]
(let [[action & args] ev]
(= action :emacs-rex)
(let [[form-string package thread id] args
thread (thread-for-evaluation thread conn)]
(mb/send thread `(eval-for-emacs ~form-string ~package ~id)))
;; handle events from the debugger backend
(= action :dbe-rex)
(let [[form-string thread] args
thread (thread-for-evaluation thread conn)]
(mb/send thread (read-string form-string)))
(= action :return)
(let [[thread & ret] args]
(binding [*print-level* nil, *print-length* nil]
(write-to-connection conn `(:return ~@ret))))
(one-of? action
:presentation-start :presentation-end
:new-package :new-features :ed :percent-apply
:eval :eval-no-wait :background-message :inspect
:read-from-minibuffer :y-or-n-p)
(binding [*print-level* nil, *print-length* nil]
(write-to-connection conn ev))
(= action :write-string)
(write-to-connection conn ev)
(= action :read-string)
(write-to-connection conn ev)
(one-of? action :emacs-return :emacs-return-string)
(apply deliver-emacs-return-promise args) ; args = [thread tag val]
(one-of? action
:debug :debug-condition :debug-activate :debug-return)
(let [[thread & args] args]
(write-to-connection conn `(~action ~(thread-map-id thread) ~@args)))
(= action :emacs-interrupt)
(let [[thread & args] args]
(handle-interrupt thread conn args))
;; Main loop definitions
(defn control-loop
"A loop that reads from the mbox queue and runs dispatch-event on
it (will block if no mbox control message is available). This is
intended to only be run on the control thread."
(binding [*1 nil, *2 nil, *3 nil, *e nil]
(with-connection conn
(continuously (dispatch-event (mb/receive (current-thread)) conn))))))
;;; default implementations of some core multimethods
(defmethod eval-string-in-frame :default [expr n]
(if (and (zero? n) *current-env*)
(with-bindings *current-env*
(eval expr))))
(defmethod swank-eval :default [form]
(eval (with-env-locals form)))
(defmethod get-stack-trace :default [n]
(nth (.getStackTrace #^Throwable *current-exception*) n))
(defmethod handled-exception? :default [t]
(debug-continue-exception? t))
(defmethod debugger-exception? :default [t]
(defmethod handle-interrupt :default [thread conn args]
(and (true? thread) (seq @active-threads))
(.stop #^Thread (first @active-threads))
(= thread :repl-thread) (.stop #^Thread @(conn :repl-thread)))))
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