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version 1.02:
* added "fake additional screen resolution" option (thanks KeyJ)
* switched from (long defunct) detours 1.5 to free mhook-2.2 (
* redid startup interception yet again: now using simple DLL injection via CreateRemoteThread. should work fine with .NET executables and be less flaky in general.
* sound: lock entire directsound buffer when dwBytes=0 (fix for "mother mother, my ears bleed")
* d3d11 support
version 1.01:
* "skip frames on frequent timer checks" can now be turned off; threshold set to a substantially higher value.
* "virtual framebuffer" mode for old, badly written ddraw apps (e.g. "fall equals winter"). won't work with hw accelerated blits and clears! use as a last resort.
version 1.00:
* major bump in version number! :)
* timing: fixed a regression from version 0.07 (should work a lot better on vista and windows 7 now)
* sound/timing: automatically advance frame after some time when app asks for the current time a certain number of times (helps with several quite intros)
* sound: force fmodex to use dsound on vista/windows 7 (i won't write a windows audio session implementation if i don't have to)
* sound: some tweaks in waveOut support. now works just fine with the MS GS synthesizer.
* sound: make sure to return 0 as estimated latency for demos that use BASS. fixes asm 2009 invitation by andromeda.
* video: can now capture programs that use GDI for output as well. not particularly well-tested. original code by iq.
* "deep capture". can now kkapture demos that have a seperate launcher directly. tested on borg, etch-a-sketch. logfiles are now named
differently since there may be several! behavior if more than one program in the chain starts rendering is undefined (i.e. it won't work).
version 0.09:
* new startup instrumentation: yet another new approach to entry point determination (to work with address space layout randomization)
* "attempt clean exit" key (right ctrl; has good chances of producing a usable .AVI, unlike ctrl-break)
* audio: automatically reduce WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE to WAVEFORMATEX if possible (for compatibility)
* audio: can now mix both stereo->mono and mono->stereo if required
* audio: WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT support (should help a lot with 4k intros using 4klang)
* waveOutGetTime fix (apparently, TIME_MS is *broken* and returns offsets in bytes too. ah well. fixes kindercrasher/rgba and probably some others too)
version 0.08:
* "frame rate" edit control now supports arbitrary positive decimal ("12.3456") and fractional ("60000/1001") framerates
* "BASS/FMOD interception" added. BASS interception removes the need for the fairlight hack, FMOD interception fixes FMODs
broken timing code to make demos run at a higher framerate than 43fps.
* separate encoder thread option (makes everything much faster on multicore systems, but the code isn't very well tested)
* ddraw capture fix: now also grad frames on primary buffer unlock (fixes voidspace/woorlic, fall equals winter/replay)
* post a dummy WM_NULL message to foreground window every frame (fix for some old hjb intros)
* new startup interception fix: treat calls in startup code differently ("dead cells" now works)
* d3d10 support (only tried it on texas though, so it's not particularly well-tested).
version 0.07:
* "frame timed out" now mentions *which* frame was skipped (if you want to check whether the video is fine or if it causes problems)
* if kkapture is being debugged, main.cpp now gives you time to attach the debugger to the target demo aswell.
(this is the deluxe version of a hack i've been using for ages - thought it might be useful for others trying to debug, too :)
* fixed some bugs in the cleanup code that may have caused crashes after recording was complete.
* waveOutGetPosition now even accepts wrong size specifications for MMTIME struct as long as they're big enough (helps candystall)
* ddraw code temp surface handling should now be more stable (helps with moral hard candy)
* seeding of all timers now synchronized. helps with demos that mix timing values returned from independent sources (not a good idea!!!).
in any case, fixes problems with ante dominum.
* "power down after completion" switch
version 0.06b:
* now default to vfw video encoder on new installations.
* "fairlight hack" switch now explicit due to request - turn it on for track one and possibly other flt demos, otherwise leave it off.
(was implicitly on in all versions from 0.05 upwards)
* more new startup instrumentation fixes (yaay!)
version 0.06:
* magic exit key (ctrl+break) improved: now uses lowlevel hook, should always work now.
* d3d8 capture fixes: r08028, nature v2.0 work now.
* vfw .avi writer can now also handle format changes while the demo is running
* should now work with demos that use FMODEx: at least first offence works fine now.
* now automatically advances time if frames take too long.
fixes a LOT of demos that do busy waits somewhere, including:
- frameskool by equinox
- mupe by playpsyco
- abstinens by keyboards
- noumenon by andromeda
and probably a lot of other demos too.
how to use: check "Enable automatic frameskip on timeout".
the two timeout values define how much time the application has to render
the first/subsequent frames; if it takes longer, kkapture will skip a
frame and write a log message. lower timeouts mean faster kkapturing for
apps that explicitly perform waits every frame, but the lower you set those
values, the higher the risk that kkapture will drop a frame just because
rendering took a tad longer than expected. so be careful!
version 0.05b:
* IDirectSoundBuffer::SetFrequency handling fixed (affects onwards, 2^5 by traction)
* debug force-windowed code for d3d9 removed :)
version 0.05:
* small bugfix in dshow video encoder (thanks malc)
* "new startup instrumentation" button now actually does something :)
* startup instrumentation code now less picky about executable files
* startup instrumentation now works when first instr. is call/jmp (helps with several demos)
* added dc/rendering context tracking for opengl (fixes problem with animal attraction)
* synchronization policy changed in dsound code (fixes problems with mega hilter expansion pack, maybe some threading issues too?)
* old fallback gdi capture code removed (not required anymore and it never worked properly anyway)
version 0.04:
* switched to visual c++ 2005 express edition
* "new startup interception" that works on 64bit host machines (always on on 64bit, default off on 32bit)
* kkapturing on 64bit host machines works now
* kkapture is now under the artistic license v2.0beta5
* small waveout code fix by manx included (thanks)
* automatic segmenting code for avi-vfw encoder by bartman included (thanks to you too :)
* automatically disables VSync during recording for most supported APIs (improves capturing speed somewhat)
* basic SetTimer support (i'm not particularly happy with it)
* improved resolution determination for opengl demos
* magic exit key: press ctrl+break to safely abort a capture.
* writes (approximate) capturing frame rate on exit
* small fix in doneTiming() to make sure no waits are currently active when timing is deinitialized
* improvements in d3d8/9 reference handling code
* support for demos that initialize/deinitialize the graphics API several times
version 0.04alpha:
* some performance improvements for directdraw capturing
* several bugfixes
* new directshow-based avi writer, currently the only one available (0.04 final will have both the old and new avi writer)
* automatic audio resampling (required for dshow, currently converts everything to 16bit 44.1kHz stereo)
version 0.03:
* waveout capturing finally works (now that was one stupid bug)
* directdraw/old d3d support (both software and hardware)
* kkapture now sets the executables' directory as current working dir before starting
* "skip silence" option added (required for e.g. fr-08); currently only works for
* "make sleeps last one frame" option added (required for some old BASS and FMOD
versions to work correctly)
* the .bmp/.wav writer now compensates for frames at the beginning without sound
* capture audio/capture video flags
version 0.02:
* direct xvid/divx encoding works now.
* windowed capture support for both opengl and d3d - beware, some demos do not use correct window sizes in windowed mode, so you get e.g. a 630x472 capture for a 640x480 demo - most video codecs don't like sizes that aren't multiples of 4.
* opengl capturing bugfix - on swapbuffers(), frames were accidentially advanced twice.
* some QueryPerformanceCounter-related fixes.
* vastly improved Direct3D9 capture speed.
* Direct3D8 support (co-written by kb/farbrausch).
* .bmp/.wav output added (uncompressed highres captures easily hit the avifile 4gb limit).
* lots of tiny fixes here and there.
version 0.01:
* initial release; still missing d3d8, ddraw support, waveout completely untested.
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