Updated NIMHdaqtoolbox

@ryklin ryklin released this May 24, 2016 · 2 commits to master since this release

Contains bug fixes

Updated touchscreen system

@ryklin ryklin released this May 2, 2016 · 3 commits to master since this release

Touchscreen sampling is now done entirely via the NIMH daqtoolbox (included)

  • Data sampled when the adapter is assigned in the GUI. Does not require eyejoytrack in the timing file for data to be recorded (can still be used for tracking responses).
  • Touchscreen/stimulus display can be any monitor number, as assigned by the user in the GUI
  • Latency is reduced

XGL received a bug fix

  • touches to the 1 pix border no longer crash the system

Logger receives updates

  • New installations are prompted when no experiment directory exists. The user much choose a default folder where ML should create its log file and also search for timing files.

Updated NIMHdaqtoolbox and logger

@ryklin ryklin released this Apr 3, 2016 · 20 commits to master since this release

Number of bugs fixes and updates.

XGL 64 Bit is working properly in this release.
A new NIMHdaqtoolbox is included.

NIMH-DAQ Toolbox is now compatible with Win10

@ryklin ryklin released this Mar 11, 2016 · 28 commits to master since this release

The NIMH Daqtoolbox is an optional alternative to the Matlab daq toolbox. It works on 32 and 64 bit versions of Matlab, requires only one data acquisition card, samples at a much faster rate, and is free to use.

For instructions please see the readme file located in the MonkeyLogic/NIMH-daqtoolbox subdirectory.

This release has a bug in 64 BIT XGL.

Fixes bugs in XYCalibrate

@ryklin ryklin released this Mar 9, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release

This is a critical update for all users that wish to re-calibrate their eye position. Some bugs were fixed in the xycalibrate.m file that will affect your results and performance.

Switched from -180 magic numbers to nan (Nullable Types) in touchscreen data. This might address the issue reported with "coordinate leaks"

Updated kbdmex allowing for seamless recalibration of eye position after trials have started.

Updated digital io control code.

Logger is ready for release, NIMH Daqtoolbox is now an option

@ryklin ryklin released this Mar 1, 2016 · 40 commits to master since this release

The logging system is now seamless, so Monkey Logic will continue to run as previously.
The NIMH daqtoolbox is now included, but users must install it themselves.

  • The toolbox only works on Windows 7.

More updates to new logging system

@ryklin ryklin released this Feb 26, 2016 · 44 commits to master since this release

All messages printed to the matlab console will now be duplicated and written to a file called log.txt

Improved use of multiple simultaneous controllers

@ryklin ryklin released this Feb 12, 2016 · 45 commits to master since this release

This includes more samples including how to use a touchscreen and eyetracker simultaneously to select stimulus objects.

Warning ... a message logging object is also included which may create some annoying problems.

Touchscreen functions improved

@ryklin ryklin released this Feb 1, 2016 · 55 commits to master since this release

Touchscreen tracking of release is working properly
Samples updated to demonstrate and test this functionality.
Lots of bug fixes and better messages.

Release for faster graphics

@ryklin ryklin released this Jan 21, 2016 · 65 commits to master since this release

Now backwards compatible with Matlab versions prior to 2014.