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Video Works Catalogue

Video Works Catalogue is a tool and a toy, which uses a growing archive of all the video I have ever recorded.

Every film has been dissabled into it's separate shots, and those are all tagged accord to contents.


Version: 2.

Licence: N/A.

Website: videoworkscatalogue.ryliejamesthomas.net

Componants / Function

  • Videos are stored in playlists on Youtube.
  • HTML snippets containing embed code for those playlists is kept in the file 'videos.html', contained in DIVs, with IDs related to their tag.
  • A list of all tags is kept in 'tags.html'. This is embedded in the website scrolling lists as links which people use to select videos to play. These links summon the relevant playlist via DIV ID.
  • All this is handled via PHP

This is probably pretty clunky, but it's the best I could do!


  • Always trying to learn better ways to work this.
  • (v3) Ditch Youtube. Good enough hosting infrastructure (high bandwidth, LOTS of space) is not affordable at the mo'.
  • (v3) Cut what I need out of JQuery and ditch that too.