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Redis guard manages your development Redis server, and will automatically restart if necessary.

The code for this gem was taken from this blog post by Avdi Grimm. It refers to this Gist, and I searched around for an existing repo quite a bit before packing it up here. All credit goes to Avdi for the source and all fault goes to me for configuration or packaging issues.


Make sure you have Guard installed before continuing.

Install the gem:

$ gem install guard-redis

Add it to your Gemfile. You should really only need it in development and test environments; this gem is not meant to manage production server instances of Redis.

gem 'guard-redis'

Add the guard definition to your Guardfile by running:

$ guard init redis


Guard::Redis doesn't watch any files; it's purpose is to ensure that redis-server is running while you're coding and testing. It does take several options related to configuration of the redis server.

List of available options

:executable => "/path/to/redis/server/executable"  # Set the custom path to the redis server executable
:port => 9999                                      # Set a custom port number the redis server is running on
:pidfile => "/var/pid/"                   # Set a custom path the where the pidfile is written