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Menu bar library for UWP
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UWP Menu Bar Control

This project is no longer maintained as Microsoft made an official one


Screenshot demonstrating the library

This project aims to reimplement the classic menu bar component as a UWP library.

To install, use the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package Rymate.Controls.UWPMenuBar -Pre

Currently the library has the following features:

Menu Bar

The main component is the Menu Bar, which defines a container which can hold Menu Bar buttons, and an optional area which can be used as a drag area for a title bar. It also holds the hover behaviour for opening menu bar items on hover when another one is opened.

<lib:MenuBar Grid.Row="0" Title="UWP MenuBar Demo" x:Name="MenuBar"
             VerticalAlignment="Top" Background="{x:Bind ViewModel.AccentColor}"
             Foreground="White" >
             <!-- items here -->

Using as a title bar

Once you've extended the window view into the title bar, you can turn the menu bar into the draggable area using thre DragArea property


This ensures you can still use the buttons in the menu bar.

Menu Bar Buttons

These can either have a dropdown (like a menu bar) or are standalone buttons, which can be used for revealing a SplitView. They're also AccessKey aware, meaning users can activate them via alt + access key.

Additionally, they can either display a label or an icon from the built in Segoe MDL2 icon font.

<lib:MenuBarButton ButtonContent="View" AccessKey="v">
    <!--items here-->

<lib:MenuBarButton DisableDropdown="True" ButtonContent="&#xE700;"
                   Icon="True" AccessKey="s" />

Menu Bar Item / Menu Bar Toggle Item

These are essentially very small wrappers that wrap the equivalent MenuFlyoutItem in order to reduce the default padding on them.

The padding can be increased / decreased via the normal methods still.

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