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Adding Posterous Spaces as an example app

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41 index.html
@@ -283,6 +283,7 @@
<li>– <a href="#examples-audiovroom">AudioVroom</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-foursquare">Foursquare</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-do">Do</a></li>
+ <li>– <a href="#examples-posterous">Posterous Spaces</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-groupon">Groupon Now!</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-basecamp">Basecamp Mobile</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-slavery-footprint">Slavery Footprint</a></li>
@@ -305,7 +306,6 @@
<li>- <a href="#examples-decide">Decide</a></li>
<li>- <a href="#examples-trello">Trello</a></li>
<li>- <a href="#examples-bittorrent">BitTorrent</a></li>
- <li>- <a href="#examples-fluxiom">Fluxiom</a></li>
<li>- <a href="#examples-chop">Chop</a></li>
<li>- <a href="#examples-ducksboard">Ducksboard</a></li>
<li>- <a href="#examples-quietwrite">QuietWrite</a></li>
@@ -2143,6 +2143,24 @@ <h2 id="examples-do">Do</h2>
<img src="docs/images/do.png" alt="Do" class="example_image" />
+ <h2 id="examples-posterous">Posterous</h2>
+ <p>
+ <a href="">Posterous Spaces</a> is
+ <a href="">built on Backbone</a>.
+ The models and collections mirror the public
+ <a href="">Posterous API</a>. Backbone made it easy
+ for the team to create a JavaScript-heavy application with complex
+ interactions and state maintenance. Spaces also uses CoffeeScript,
+ Underscore.js, Haml.js, Sass, Compass, and of course jQuery.
+ </p>
+ <div style="text-align: center;">
+ <a href="">
+ <img src="docs/images/posterous-spaces.png" alt="Posterous Spaces" class="example_image" />
+ </a>
+ </div>
<h2 id="examples-groupon">Groupon Now!</h2>
@@ -2541,27 +2559,6 @@ <h2 id="examples-bittorrent">BitTorrent</h2>
- <h2 id="examples-fluxiom">Fluxiom</h2>
- <p>
- <a href="">Fluxiom</a> uses Backbone.js and HTML5 to
- deliver a seamless upload experience from the desktop to the cloud,
- including drag and drop, live previews, partial uploads, and one-click sharing.
- <p>
- <p>
- The upload queue is a single collection and each file is it’s own model.
- The UI is divided into several views for efficient event handling, and
- uses <a href="">Underscore.js</a>
- templates for fast rendering, even when handling hundreds of uploads.
- </p>
- <div style="text-align: center;">
- <a href="">
- <img src="docs/images/fluxiom.png" alt="Fluxiom" class="example_image" />
- </a>
- </div>
<h2 id="examples-chop">Chop</h2>

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