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These notes are intended simply for my own use.

Bang bluffs

If a bang bluff is called for a bluff that isn't persistable an error should be thrown.

If the bluff is persistable, all persistable associations within the bluffed object should be persisted within a transaction (persisting from the inside out).

Block argument reflection

Can use code from merb to reflect on expected block arguments and default values

require 'rubygems'
require 'merb'

include GetArgs

def foo(bar, zed=42)

method(:foo).get_args # => [[[:bar], [:zed, 42]], [:zed]]

Sourcify is another option but doesn't seem to support blocks with default arguments

Also have Proc#parameters but it doesn't look like it tells you what the default argument value is reported.

If we can find a way to do this we can loosen up the single-argument bluff restriction. Only bluffs without predefined arguments and bluffs with a hash as the first argument will be given special treatment.

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