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npm package

A Node.js package for getting job listings from

Note on stability

I do not actively use this package. If Indeed changes their UI, this library might stop working. If you encounter issues, please submit an issue/PR and I will get to it when I can. If you use this package regularly and are interested in helping maintain it, please reach out.


You can install using npm.

npm install indeed-scraper

Include the package

const indeed = require('indeed-scraper');

Query Indeed:

const queryOptions = {
  host: '',
  query: 'Software',
  city: 'Seattle, WA',
  radius: '25',
  level: 'entry_level',
  jobType: 'fulltime',
  maxAge: '7',
  sort: 'date',
  limit: 100

indeed.query(queryOptions).then(res => {
	console.log(res); // An array of Job objects

query() accepts a queryOptions object and returns a Promise of an array of Job objects.

  • queryOptions object:

    • host - string - The host to query. (country overview) - Default: ''
    • query - string - The text to search. (i.e. Software Developer) - Default: Empty String
    • city - string - The name of the city. Should be in the format 'Seattle, WA'. - Default: Empty String
    • radius - string - The search radius in miles - Default: '25'
    • level - string entrylevel, mid_level, or senior_level - Default: _Empty String
    • jobType - string - fulltime, contract, parttime, temporary, internship, commission - Default: Empty String
    • maxAge - string - The maximum age of jobs that are returned - Default: Empty String (No max age)
    • sort - string - relevance, date - Default: 'relevance'
    • limit - number - The maximum number of jobs to return - Default: 0 (No limit)
    • excludeSponsored - boolean - Exclude sponsored job postings from the results - Default: false
  • Job object:

    • title - string - Title of the job
    • company - string - Company Name
    • location - string - Location of the job
    • summary - string - Beginning of the job description
    • url - string - Url of the job page
    • postDate - string - A string describing how long ago the job was posted
    • salary - string - A string with salary information (can be empty)
    • isEasyApply - boolean - A boolean describing if the job is easy apply


If you have an idea on how to improve this package, feel free to contribute!

  1. Clone or fork the repository
  2. Make changes
  3. Submit a pull request


A Node.js package for getting job listings from







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