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Arrow is a test framework designed to promote test-driven JavaScript development. Arrow provides a consistent test creation and execution environment for both Developers and Quality Engineers.

Arrow aims to completely remove the line between development’s Unit tests, and Functional and Integration tests by providing a uniform way to create and execute both.

Arrow itself is a thin, extensible layer that marries JavaScript, NodeJS, PhantomJS and Selenium. Arrow allows you to write tests using YUI-Test and execute those tests using NodeJS, PhantomJS or Selenium. Additionally, Arrow provides a rich mechanism for building, organizing and executing test and test scenarios.


npm install -g yahoo-arrow


  • --help display this help page
  • --version display installed arrow version
  • --lib comma separated list of js files needed by the test
  • --page path to the mock or production html page, for example: or mock.html
  • --driver selenium|phantomjs|browser. (default: phantomjs)
  • --browser firefox|chrome|opera|reuse. Specify browser version with a hypen, ex.: firefox-4.0 or opera-11.0 (default: firefox)
  • --controller a custom controller javascript file
  • --reuseSession true/false. Specifies whether to run tests in existing sessions managed by selenium. Visit http://selenuim_host/wd/hub to setup sessions (default: false)
  • --report true/false. Creates report files in junit and json format, and also prints a consolidated test report summary on console
  • --testName comma separated list of test names defined in test descriptor. all other tests will be ignored
  • --group comma separated list of groups defined in test descriptor, all other groups will be ignored
  • --logLevel DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL (default: INFO)
  • --dimension a custom dimension file for defining ycb contexts
  • --context name of ycb context


Below are some examples to help you get started.

Unit test:

arrow --lib=../src/greeter.js test-unit.js

Unit test with a mock page:

arrow --page=testMock.html --lib=./test-lib.js test-unit.js

Unit test with selenium:

arrow --page=testMock.html --lib=./test-lib.js --driver=selenium test-unit.js

Integration test:

arrow --page= --lib=./test-lib.js test-int.js

Integration test:

arrow --page= --lib=./test-lib.js --driver=selenium test-int.js

Custom controller:

arrow --controller=custom-controller.js --driver=selenium

Arrow Dependencies

NPM Dependencies

NPM Dev Dependencies

Apart from above mentioned npm modules, Arrow also relies on these two projects

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