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CakePlate is a best practice template for CakePHP based web applications, inspired by It is a mashup of lots of open source projects and snippets - so a majority of the credit should not go to us.

NOTE CakePlate is no way associated with the Cake Software Foundation, or CakePHP. We love CakePHP and are merely trying to spread the love and make peoples lives easier by saving them time.

We only include open source code that we have personally used, and know works.


See the wiki.


Please report any issues OR suggestions to the issue tracker on github.

Stay in the loop


Credits/Thanks/Whats included

In no particular order (other then 1st ;)

Legend: Credit. [title and link]

Not included but worth reading

Still needed

  • example production apache config (no .htaccess)
  • include testing stuff + example



  • CakePHP 2.1.0 stable
  • Don't submodule twitter bootstrap
  • bootstrap 2.0.2 and view updates
  • bootstrap 2.0.2 and view updates


  • 2.0 version implementiation
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