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A free open source engine for games using haXe & NME.
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Rygal is a free open source engine for games using haXe & NME and licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Getting started

I strongly recommend looking into the Rygal wiki if you need help to get started, as it provides a lot of information about the setup and links that may be interesting to you like demo projects or the documentation.

Supported platforms

Even though Rygal uses haXe with NME, not every platform is (yet) fully supported:

Platform Supported Zooming Embedded fonts Storage
Flash Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows[1] Yes Yes Yes Yes
OS X[2] Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linux[3] Yes Yes Yes Partially[4]
iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML 5 No[5] Partially[6] No[7] No

[1]: Tested with Windows x86 target
[2]: Tested on Intel Macs.
[3]: Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 32bit.
[4]: It seems to only work with root permissions.
[5]: Unless either clipRect in the draw()-method or alpha in the copyPixels()-method is working, I can't support it.
[6]: Smoothing can't be disabled with jeash
[7]: Due to the way embedded fonts work with jeash

Sometimes, features of the dev branch aren't tested on every platform, while on the other hand, sometimes there are features that are already in the stable branch without support for some platforms that have just been implemented in the dev branch.

To sum up, you could try another branch if something doesn't work on a platform you'd like to use ;)

Can I have more information about the license?

The LGPL, under which this project is licensed, makes Rygal free to use in your project, even if they may be with commercial purposes.

You may ask, why the engine uses LGPL instead of GPL, well the reason is very simple, projects that are licensed under the terms of GPL aren't allowed to be used - even as a library - in projects that are using other licenses than GPL. The LGPL gives you the right to use this library in your project, no matter under which license your project is.

What is the engine built on?

The engine is written in haXe and based on NME.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me per mail.

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