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Ryo is one of very few cryptonote currencies that does actual, rapid development. Its team is led by fireice_uk, mosu_forge and psychocrypt who are the developers of Cryptonight-GPU and Cryptonight-Heavy mining algorithms, GUI Wallet with built-in GPU solo mining feature called Ryo Wallet Atom, Xmr-Stak miner, and Ragerx mining platform.


1. Introduction 7. Community
2. Check Development and get release binaries 8. Compiling Ryo from source
3. Project Roadmap 9. Debugging
4. Features 10. Using Ryo with TOR and Readline
5. Research and contributing 11. Licensing details
6. Coin Supply & Emission


Ryo (両 in Japanese: one syllable) aims to be the most secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency out there. Ryo originated from the Tael, an ancient Far East unit of weight standard used for exchanging gold and silver. Based on the foundations of Monero, Ryo emerged and is poised to dominate the privacy conscious crypto scene. Ryo is a fork of Sumokoin. You can read all fork-related information here.


Ryo currently uses RingCT with a ring size of 25, however it is our decision that RingCT cannot fully protect against transaction tracking. As our promise to create the most private and untraceable cryptocurrency, we are planning on replacing RingCT with second generation ZK-proofs.

Check Development and get release binaries

Please note that code is developed on the dev branch, if you want to check out the latest updates, before they are merged on main branch, please refer there. Master branch will always point to a version that we consider stable, so you can download the code by simply typing git clone

Along with each release you can find our precompiled binaries. To verify that the downloaded binaries are created by one of our developer please verify the checksums. The authenticity of the checksums can be verified with the PGP-key's.

Project Roadmap

The Ryo dev team has several vectors of development, and it has already brought results that we can see. Navigate to Ryo official website to explore development track record and roadmap details.


We have a solid track record and unique features that are not copied from other projects:


  • Built-in elliptic curve library. This library significantly increases wallet scan speeds compared to other CN projects.
  • Cryptonight-GPU mining algorithm. ASIC/FPGA/BOTNET resistant mining algorithm. GPU friendly and suitable for both AMD and Nvidia cards.
  • Uniform payment ID-s. Our uniform payment ID system, makes transactions that use payment ID-s untraceable and hides the very fact that you use ID-s.
  • Default ring size of transactions set to 25. Increased default ring size significantly reduces the chance of address tracking on the blockchain.
  • QWMA mining difficulty algorithm. Reworked network difficulty adjustment algorithm, to make it more adaptive to network hashrate fluctuations thus bringing more stabillity.
  • Poisson probability check. This feature stops Verge-like offline timestamp attacks.
  • (Optional) Short address format. Short address format for users who don't need viewkey.
  • CRC-12 mnemonic seed validation / Non-latin characters support / Varios critical bugfixes


  • Ryo Wallet Atom. Modern, intuitive and rich with feature GUI wallet. Available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.
  • Quasar Web wallet. Ultra-fast WEB based wallet that shares same design with Atom wallet.
  • Solo mining in GUI wallet. Built-in pool software with workers support, statistics and charts display.
  • Woo commerce plugin. Plug-in for web developers, to implement accepting Ryo on website.
  • Ryo Business room. Business community of people fostering ecosystem development.
GUI wallet Web wallet Cli wallet Mobile Hardware
v. 1.5.0 Ryowebwallet v. Developing Planned

Research and contributing

With privacy and security as the core foundation of Ryo, we invest time and effort into security research as well as investigate and analyze issues with the Cryptonote protocol in order to bring true default anonymity for users.

You can find all write-ups in our Ryo library on the website.

Although Ryo Currency code in main repository is source available until February 2021, we have contributed back bug fixes and features to Monero project:

Loki Project decided to use own version of wallet, based on Ryo Wallet Atom (libre repository) as official GUI wallet.

Coin Supply & Emission

  • Total supply: 88,188,888 coins in 20 years, then 263,000 coins will be emitted yearly to account for inflation.

  • More than 80 million coins are available for community mining.

  • 8,790,000 Ryo coins were burned to get rid of the original Sumokoin premine. (You can check burned premine keyimages). The pre-mined coins have been frozen/burned as announced on reddit. This can be verified using those instructions.

  • After 2 rounds of community debates (pt1 / pt2) 8,000,000 Ryo coins were introduced as development fund which is located in 2/3 multisig wallet and emitted on weekly basis next 6 years. In an effort to provide transparency to the community on how the development fund is allocated, Ryo dev team built the following dev-fund explorer page.

  • Coin symbol: RYO

  • Hash algorithm: CryptoNight-GPU (ASIC/FPGA/Botnet resistant Proof-Of-Work)

  • Total supply: 88,188,888 coins in 20 years (including 8M dev. fund). Then 263,000 coins each year for inflation.

  • Block time: 240 seconds (difficulty is adjusted every block)

  • Coin Units:

    • 1 nanoRyo  = 0.000000001 RYO (10-9-the smallest coin unit)
    • 1 microRyo = 0.000001 RYO (10-6)
    • 1 milliRyo = 0.001 RYO (10-3)
  • Emission scheme: Ryo's block reward changes every 6-months according to the following "Plateau" distribution*. Our emission scheme is inspired by real-world mining production comparable to crude oil, coal and gas which is often slow at first, accelerated in the next few years before declining and becoming depleted. However, the emission path of Ryo is generally not that far apart from Bitcoin. The emission curve for Ryo was one of the final aspects of the code we inherited from Sumokoin that was re-written and had to be even fixed during May 2019 community debates.

Plateau emission curve

Plateau emission block reward


You can join our community and ask the developers about their perspectives, ask for technical support, and get the latest news

Licensing details

This is the core implementation of Ryo. It is free to get and modify for your own usage, however, you can't distribute modified copies from this repository.

Ryo-libre is open source and completely free to use version of this repository without restrictions which is updated on yearly basis. There are no restrictions on anyone creating an alternative implementation of Ryo that uses the protocol and network in a compatible manner. (Read more about Ryo-libre)

Copyright (c) 2020, Ryo Currency Project

Copyright (c) 2014-2017, The Monero Project

Copyright (c) 2012-2013, The Cryptonote developers

Copyright (c) 2017,