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You can verify premine burn, using Ryo Wallet Atom and its view-only wallet features.

  1. Download and install the latest verison or Ryo Wallet Atom:
  2. Download premine key image sets:
  3. Run Atom, choose "Restore view-only wallet".
  4. When restoring view-only wallet, you will need wallet address + viewkey. Give any desired name for wallet, and set password if you wish (or hit "Enter" to set blank password). Use these addresses and viewkeys:

Wallet 1: Address: SumonzyoAnidrp3B6WhbntJLRJsPRD7LiSd2e5HjRV9h6qWj6ia2ihgRXn8ZwmwfQgZ1mL9EkcsBcELL4h84v1yhMF9opLgjM1j Viewkey: e6e58faa93dba88315f67f53cba9413ebf0f423badb62696aa28ce6c0db2df00

Wallet 2: Address: SumonzyopdC7egt7MWhJcNfR3ktmfWqPNcu3Sb9aejAZ48W4a1ZW95vjXyQDuLLg2gSN8GkP3474R2wRr1h9ggy2BUHhbrLJJ51 Viewkey: 25ba5fa5abb5f99962754001ff631e01684f9a59871d798a20a1658ba31c950c

Wallet 3: Address: SumonzyoK3hCffFQ8djaKZhokmPZsiuEaeLfEtnJfTXVQV3ce3mNHKHQ5kYLPVfNMsS7dhmyHihvhfKU6xXCrmaL4RVDo8eR3gB Viewkey: 1a8c55e52f7f80da3dfd2eadf71a74afb3242c20168ad888b57f483dbc38b00e

Dev Wallet: Address: Sumoo4aMxWbLgqVazxbiNNFSDyhBEonRf99KmceTEnYUCWUQR2gXF1617P8xQxaMcGi5BAU7juzThSTboV6e1gitSjkfjq2zgY2 Viewkey: e12497b6dc6c2cbaf7b311e54b93e4e5f6367acda69a49f9ef20c51d9c689f00

  1. After clicking "open wallet" you will have to wait for sync to finish (watch bottom bar statistics). When finished - you will see incoming transactions. Since viewkey we used to restore wallet, doesn't show outgoing transactions or burn - we need to import key images. Navigate to "Wallet actions" dropdown and select "Manage key images" (It will become active when the sync process finishes), choose "import" option and press "browse" to navigate appropriate key in step [1].
  2. After import you will see the actual balance of wallet. In our case, since they are premine + dev wallets they will be close to 0 (barring some small donations). restore view-only wallet see incoming transfers import key images to see final balance
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