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Updated release of the GUI wallet including daemon version 'Free Radical'


  • Re-introduced sync bar and percentage synced Percentage synced has been disabled
  • Upon opening, your wallet will be given a brand new RYoL prefixed address.
  • Ability to send to RYo and Sumo prefixed addresses.
  • NOTE: This wallet does not support opening or creating Kurz addresses, however you can send funds to a Kurz address.

Contributors for this release

  • mosu-forge (gui wallet dev)
  • fireice_uk (core dev)
  • psychocrypt (core dev)

Checksums (SHA256)

8ac29e322946fe06879af8de219a8eac9c54448eed19325052f2b283181d2891  RyoGUIWallet-v0.2.0.2-Linux-x64.tar.xz
eda528c5f075921bc22da6e59bf2764ec52625713a2c01a4b7494a8a62e17112  RyoGUIWallet-Installer-v0.2.0.2-Windows-x64.zip
10b129fa1db9a8c3bc0bc3e3c9959faf967715577d1a73baace1a20d04eb6ece  RyoGUIWallet-v0.2.0.2-Windows-x64.zip
76d595b8b3f5cf2b919265140f97b660ea64fcf8b2dfec994e9dab50f1324a62  RyoGUIWallet-v0.2.0.2-macosx-x64.dmg