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Next Generation GUI Wallet for Ryo-currency
Current release: Atom v1.0.0
Daemon version: 'Pie Orbital'

Meet the first release of the new, Electron based, Ryo Wallet: Atom v1.0.0. Being the foundation for further development, this initial release already brings several improvements over previous GUI wallet.

This wallet merges the functionality of the Full and LITE wallet into one, and adds a third (default) option to use local + remote node. By default, this will allow you to get started right away, but still download the Ryo blockchain for 100% reliability and anonymity.

Contributors for this release

  • mosu-forge (gui wallet dev)
  • fireice_uk (core dev)
  • psychocrypt (core dev)

Checksums (SHA256)

6deb6f578c99c5acc1343a957dd1be3733e2de1fcb27a099484d29ff74ec9e74  ryo-wallet-linux-x64-1.0.0-
f9f72544e2fffcd684d537c24b42531a6ee017e6ed2862ba35d09860feee6186  ryo-wallet-linux-x64-1.0.0-
55d029b51ae2f6790e1c4b1016b3e4de483595de8157d69d5066be2f69eb4a5a  ryo-wallet-macosx-x64-1.0.0-