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Next Generation GUI Wallet for Ryo-currency
Current release: Atom v1.1.0
Daemon version: 'Pie Orbital'

Ryo Wallet Atom 1.1.0 includes Ryo daemon which adds new RPC calls for the wallet and minor bug fixes in the daemon.


  • Import view only wallets
  • Export and import key images for use with view only wallets
  • Dark Theme option
  • Window size and position state saved between restarts
  • Added restore from date in addition to block height
  • Improved UX with extra copy address buttons, right click context menus, save identicon and QR codes to file
  • Improved address book with send to address + payment id button
  • Filter by txid in transaction history tab
  • Peer menu with peer details and option to ban for specified amount of time
  • Change password and delete wallet options
  • Optimized backend RPC calls and error messages
  • Start-up bug fixes

Contributors for this release

  • mosu-forge (gui wallet dev)
  • fireice_uk (core dev)
  • psychocrypt (core dev)

Checksums (SHA256)

523a727fff8b7b663062ffef75e84d65add34c08d772a0eca2e5a2c149d772fc  ryo-wallet-linux-x64-1.1.0-
2887e62f35dde0d28fd08f6b3ae99bef2033fd168909d03e40a9d7e274ff906e  ryo-wallet-linux-x64-1.1.0-
74bf53b93150813845723cec59554519318a3304714c7e229f303190c50c4014  ryo-wallet-macos-x64-1.1.0-
78909e40eac36a563f2bdac46eaf6df097544ed6b113509a3fab7bbc5348faff  ryo-wallet-win-installer-x64-1.1.0-
a7f587cd06a5459e54346ec5acdc50b981c74d0197aeda0073db410a2aeb725d  ryo-wallet-win-x64-1.1.0-