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Ryo Wallet 1.5.1-

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@Ryo-RU Ryo-RU released this 18 Aug 13:59

Next Generation GUI Wallet for Ryo-currency

Wallet version: Atom v1.5.1
Backend (Daemon) version: 'Fermi Paradox'

What is updated:

  • changed remote node link
  • default window size increased to allow showing full address length in "send" wallet section (and to avoid scrolling in the beginning)
  • added "help" item to menu with modal with info
  • added Ryo social links to "about" modal window
  • increased footer sync progressbar size (to be more visible and understandable)
  • fixed non-working explorer links in solo mining mode
  • complete rework of documentation: detailed build page with windows and ubuntu guide
  • fixes: updated year in wallet modals and doc on github

NOTE: More updates are coming: join our telegram to say hello to team and community or request support.