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LPC812 USB-GPIO module

What is this?

This is a GPIO control module via USB-serial for NXP LPC812(LPC812M101JD20FP).

How to use

Following tools are required to build and write firmware(hex file).

  • NXP LPCXpresso
  • Flash Magic

UART command list

  • help
    • show UART command list
  • version
    • show firmware version
  • gpio list
    • show all gpio information
  • gpio mode $pin $mode
    • set gpio mode ($mode=0:Hi-Z, 1:pulldown, 2:pullup, 3:repeater)
  • gpio dir $pin $dir
    • set gpio direction ($dir=0:input, 1:output)
  • gpio read $pin
    • read gpio input value
  • gpio write $pin $value
    • write gpio output value


MIT-License please refer to LICENSE file.