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Branch: cmsghdr-v2
Commits on May 20, 2012
  1. Don't use unions for cmsghdr

    Work around build issues on mac instroduced this commmit:
      e2e7b25 Use union instead of struct for cmsghdr
  2. Use union instead of struct for cmsghdr

    Use of struct with cmsghdr and pad is a GNU extension. When built with
    Clang, warnings are issued as such. So take the union approach instead.
    To fix this, I used an example at:
    This is a second try to fix clang warnings in io.cpp. The reverted first try
      a9648cf Ignore all GNU-extension warnings
    As an alternative approach to it, I fixed the code itself.
  3. @Gibheer
  4. @Gibheer
Commits on May 19, 2012
  1. @nazgob

    Revert "fixed Rake deprecation warning"

    nazgob authored
    This reverts commit 95bb2fe.
  2. @ileitch
  3. @dbussink

    Revert "Ignore all GNU-extension warnings"

    dbussink authored
    This reverts commit a9648cf.
  4. Regenerated Rapa

  5. Ignore all GNU-extension warnings

    This commit suppresses following warnings from Clang:
      vm/builtin/io.cpp:1101:22: error: field 'hdr' with variable sized type
        'struct cmsghdr' not at the end of a struct or class is a GNU extension
            struct cmsghdr hdr;
      vm/builtin/io.cpp:1146:22: error: field 'hdr' with variable sized type
        'struct cmsghdr' not at the end of a struct or class is a GNU extension
            struct cmsghdr hdr;
      2 errors generated.
  6. @nazgob

    fixed Rake deprecation warning

    nazgob authored
  7. Define the prototype of rb_cvar_set_internal

    This suppresses a following warning by running specs with Rubinius built by
      spec/ruby/optional/capi/ext/class_spec.c:108:2: warning:
        implicit declaration of function 'rb_cvar_set_internal' is invalid in C99
            rb_cvar_set(klass, rb_intern(StringValuePtr(name)), val);
      vm/capi/19/include/ruby/ruby.h:1096:23: note: expanded from:
        #define rb_cvar_set   rb_cvar_set_internal
      1 warning generated.
  8. @IPGlider

    Make some Zlib::ZStream methods private

    IPGlider authored
    These methods should't be public, there are more methods that shouldn't
    be public but they need more work or is not currently possible.
  9. @IPGlider

    Remove Zlib::ZStream#detach_input & #detach_output

    IPGlider authored
    These methods where called directly by #flush_next_in and #flush_next_out
    and are not in MRI so let's remove them for the sake of consistency.
Commits on May 18, 2012
  1. @ileitch
  2. @nazgob
  3. Fix indent..

  4. @ileitch
  5. @ileitch
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @ileitch
  2. @ileitch

    Wrap condition in curlies.

    ileitch authored
  3. @nazgob

    Merge pull request #1732 from antekpiechnik/specs_typo_fix

    nazgob authored
    Corrected a typo in Float#to_s spec description
  4. @antekpiechnik

    Fixed invalid spec descriptions for Float#to_s

    antekpiechnik authored
    Instead of *decimal places* we should use *significant figures* to describe
    the number of digits that carry meaning contributing to precision of those numbers.
    I think :)
  5. @antekpiechnik
  6. @nazgob

    Merge pull request #1731 from antekpiechnik/string_delete_fixes

    nazgob authored
    String#delete raises ArgumentError if the given ranges are invalid in 1....
  7. @antekpiechnik
  8. @nazgob
  9. @nazgob
  10. @nazgob
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