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Commits on May 2, 2012
  1. Support weakly-referencing to all kinds of objects

    Current WeakRef implementation doesn't support to reference to nil and false.
    The reason for nil is that it can't know whether referenced object is nil or it
    is garbage-collected and set to nil. The reason for false is that there is an
    incorrect assumption that referenced objects can't be evaluated to false.
    By adding a new field to C++ WeakRef class to record whether referenced object
    is immediate or reference, WeakRef truly supports all kinds of objects.
  2. @jfirebaugh
  3. @jfirebaugh
  4. @jfirebaugh
  5. @jfirebaugh
  6. @jfirebaugh

    Consolidate describes

    jfirebaugh authored
  7. @jfirebaugh
  8. @jfirebaugh
  9. @jfirebaugh

    Delete more rdocs

    jfirebaugh authored
Commits on May 1, 2012
  1. @jfirebaugh
  2. @jfirebaugh

    Tag spec failures

    jfirebaugh authored
  3. @jfirebaugh

    Spec Regexp#initialize

    jfirebaugh authored
  4. @jfirebaugh
  5. @kronos

    Remove tags for passing spec

    kronos authored
  6. @kronos
  7. @IPGlider

    Add tags for failing spec

    IPGlider authored
    Issue #1690
  8. @IPGlider
  9. @brixen

    Added rb_lastline_set.

    brixen authored
  10. @brixen
  11. @brixen
  12. @brixen

    Join created threads in specs.

    brixen authored
  13. @brixen

    Specs for rb_lastline_set.

    brixen authored
  14. @brixen
  15. @brixen
  16. @brixen
  17. @jfirebaugh
  18. @jfirebaugh

    Fix Marshal.dump for string encoding

    jfirebaugh authored
    The :E or :encoding symbol needs to be placed in the
    symlink table like any other symbol.
    Fixes #1681.
  19. @jfirebaugh

    Render exceptions with multi-line messages like MRI

    jfirebaugh authored
    Fixes a test failure in rspec-mocks.
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
  1. @jfirebaugh

    Remove unused defines

    jfirebaugh authored
  2. @jfirebaugh
  3. @dbussink

    String#setbyte modifies the given string

    dbussink authored
    If we don't call modify! the string won't be properly unshared if
    Fixes #1691
  4. @dbussink
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
  1. @ileitch
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