Save waves in Igor Pro as textfiles
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Save waves in Igor Pro as textfiles


  • TxtSave(wFolder,wList,fName [option])
  • TxtSave_Recursive(wFolder,wList,fName [ignore,option])

TxtSave is just a wrapper function for Save operation. When you work in experiment.pxp, textfiles are saved in a directory experiment_txtfiles.

// Execute the following:
// cd root:folder1
// Save/B/G/O/W/M=[LF in your OS]/P=[automatically determined path] "dataX;dataY" as "data.txt"

TxtSave_Recursive apply TxtSave under wFolder recursively. The next code saves all waves named dataX and dataY in the experiment file except for waves under root:Packages



  • ignore You can select data folders to ignore with ignore option. The format of ignore option is just like .gitignore.

  • option You can set options of Save operation explicitly with this option option. When you do not set this option, options /G/O/W/M="\n" are used for Save operation. (When you use Windows, deafult option is /G/O/W/M="\r\n") You cannot use options /B and /P because these options are automatically chosen by this procedure.