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Alert Escalation System



1. (Optional) Configure auth provider

You can use external auth provider optionally. Currently, Google Auth is only supported (Patches are welcome :) )

$ echo 'GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID=...' >> .env
$ echo 'GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET=...' >> .env
$ echo 'GOOGLE_DOMAIN=...' >> .env # If you restrict to use Google Apps domain

2. Start the server

$ bundle install
$ foreman start

It starts an application server and a Sidekiq worker.

3. (If you uses auth provider) Log in

Visit http://localhost:3000 and log in with your credentials. A new user account is automatically created and suspended by default. You can activate a user from http://localhost:3000/users but you have to activate it from rails console because you are the first user:

$ bundle exec rails c
> User.first.update!(active: true)

4. Create users

Visit http://localhost:3000/users/new and create new users.

5. Create a notifier provider

Visit http://localhost:3000/notifier_providers/new and create a notifier provider. See Notifier Providers section for detailed information.

6. Create a notifier

Visit http://localhost:3000/notifiers/new and create a notifier. See Notifier section for detailed information.

7. Create an escalation series

Visit http://localhost:3000/escalation_series/new and create a escalation series. Escalation series is a series of escalations.

8. Create escalations

Visit http://localhost:3000/escalations/new and create escalations.

  • Escalate to: Who gets escalated incidents
  • Escalate after sec: Seconds to escalate incidents since the incidents created

9. Create a topic

Visit http://localhost:3000/topics/new and create topics.

10. Send alerts to the topic

Currently, only Mailgun is supported to receive mails (Patches are welcome :) ) You can configure Mailgun route setting with Mailgun endpoint you can see in http://localhost:3000/topics/1


Notifier Providers


  • api_token
  • api_version: v1 or v2


  • account_sid
  • auth_token
  • from: Phone number


  • api_key
  • from: Email address


Common fields

These are supported by all notifier provider

- japanese_weekday: true
  not_between: 9:30+0900-18:30+0900
- not_japanese_weekday: true


  • room: Room name or ID


  • to: Phone number


  • to: Email address