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How to Build Your Own Triplestore Using Table Data

In the first half of this tutorial, the attendees will learn how to practically use semantic web features of an enterprise database, Oracle Database 18c. We will not focus on the product specific how-to, but discuss how those functionalities can be implemented in the actual database management system.

  • How to build a triplestore and SPARQL endpoint
  • How to run OWL inferences and custom rules
  • How to convert table data to RDF data using R2RML

In the latter half, we will introduce graph database features of Oracle Database 18c for showing the difference between RDF graph model and property graph model.

  • What is property graph model
  • What is graph database
  • How to convert RDF data to property graph data

During the tutorial, cloud instances are temporarily provided to the attendees. For trying the hands-on material on your machine, please setup the environment following the instruction in Setup page.

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