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This is the support page for RectLabel.

Have questions? Send an email to

Thank you.

Key features

  • Label polygons and pixels using Segment Anything models
  • Automatic labeling using Core ML models
  • Automatic text recognition for lines and words
  • Label polygons with holes
  • Label cubic bezier curves, line segments, and points
  • Label oriented bounding boxes in aerial images
  • Label keypoints with a skeleton
  • Label pixels with brushes and superpixels
  • Settings for objects, attributes, hotkeys, and labeling fast
  • Search object, attribute, and image names in a gallery view
  • Export to COCO, Labelme, CreateML, YOLO, DOTA, and CSV formats
  • Export indexed color mask image and grayscale mask images
  • Video to image frames, augment images, etc.


sam_polygon sam_pixels coreml_polygon coreml_seg coreml ocr draw_obb keypoints keypoints_pixels_coco brush