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@dabrahams dabrahams authored
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4 doc/authors.txt
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ joernu76 Joern Ungermann j~ungermann<>fz-juelich~de
jofaber Joachim Faulhaber afojgo<>gmail~com
johan_torp Johan Torp johan~torp<>gmail~com
john.maddock John Maddock john<>johnmaddock~co~uk
-john_phillips John Phillips phillips<>mps~ohio-state~edu
+john_phillips John Phillips (bounce) phillips<>mps~ohio-state~edu
johnmaddock John Maddock john<>johnmaddock~co~uk
jonkalb Jon Kalb jon<>kalbweb~com
joseph.gauterin Joseph Gauterin joseph~gauterin<>googlemail~com
@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ neilgroves Neil Groves neil<>grovescomputing~com
nesotto Thorsten Jørgen Ottosen thorsten~ottosen<>gmail~com
ngedmond Nicholas Edmonds ngedmond<>cs~indiana~edu
nickstoughton Nick Stoughton nick<>usenix~org
-nicoddemus Bruno da Silva de Oliveira nicodemus<>esss~com~br
+nicoddemus Bruno da Silva de Oliveira (bounce) nicodemus<>esss~com~br
niels_dekker Niels Dekker nielsdekker<>xs4all~nl
nielsdekker Niels Dekker nielsdekker<>xs4all~nl
nikiml Nikolay Mladenov nikolay~mladenov<>gmail~com
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