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Make functional expressions work with :desc and :asc specifiers.

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commit 9aafcb72bd7ca1d7e908938b6a5319753b3371d9 1 parent 0c4d66a
Ric (Ryszard) Szopa authored
Showing with 9 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +9 −5 sql/oodml.lisp
14 sql/oodml.lisp
@@ -1097,13 +1097,17 @@ as elements of a list."
(order-by-list (copy-seq (listify order-by))))
(loop for i from 0 below (length order-by-list)
- do (etypecase (nth i order-by-list)
+ do (typecase (nth i order-by-list)
- (unless (slot-value (nth i order-by-list) 'qualifier)
- (setf (slot-value (nth i order-by-list) 'qualifier) table-name)))
+ (handler-case
+ (unless (slot-value (nth i order-by-list) 'qualifier)
+ (setf (slot-value (nth i order-by-list) 'qualifier) table-name))
+ (simple-error ())))
- (unless (slot-value (car (nth i order-by-list)) 'qualifier)
- (setf (slot-value (car (nth i order-by-list)) 'qualifier) table-name)))
+ (handler-case
+ (unless (slot-value (car (nth i order-by-list)) 'qualifier)
+ (setf (slot-value (car (nth i order-by-list)) 'qualifier) table-name))
+ (simple-error ())))
(setf (getf qualifier-args :order-by) order-by-list)))
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