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Python library and command-line tool for EQ3 Smart Bluetooth thermostats
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Python library and a command line tool for EQ3 Bluetooth smart thermostats, uses bluepy for BTLE communication.

This library is a simplified version of bluepy_devices from Markus Peter ( with support for more features and better device handling.


  • Reading device status: locked, low battery, valve state, window open, target temperature, active mode
  • Writing settings: target temperature, auto mode presets, temperature offset
  • Setting the active mode: auto, manual, boost, away
  • Reading the device serial number and firmware version
  • Reading presets and temperature offset in more recent firmware versions.

Not (yet) supported)

  • No easy-to-use interface for setting schedules.


pip install python-eq3bt


from eq3bt import Thermostat

thermostat = Thermostat('AB:CD:EF:12:23:45')
thermostat.update()  # fetches data from the thermostat

Notice: The device in question has to be disconnected from bluetoothd, since BTLE devices can only hold one connection at a time.

The library will try to connect to the device second time in case it wasn't successful in the first time, which can happen if you are running other applications connecting to the same thermostat.

Fetching schedule

The schedule is queried per day basis and the cached information can be accessed through schedule property..

from eq3bt import Thermostat

thermostat = Thermostat('AB:CD:EF:12:34:45')

Setting schedule

The schedule can be set on a per day basis like follows:

from datetime import time
from eq3bt import Thermostat
from eq3bt import HOUR_24_PLACEHOLDER as END_OF_DAY

thermostat = Thermostat('12:34:56:78:9A:BC')
        next_change_at=time(8, 0),
            dict(target_temp=23, next_change_at=time(20, 0)),
            dict(target_temp=18, next_change_at=END_OF_DAY),
            dict(target_temp=23, next_change_at=END_OF_DAY),
            dict(target_temp=23, next_change_at=END_OF_DAY),
            dict(target_temp=23, next_change_at=END_OF_DAY),
            dict(target_temp=23, next_change_at=END_OF_DAY)

Command-line tool

To test all available functionality a cli tool inside utils can be used.

EQ3_MAC environment variable can be used to define mac to avoid typing it:

export EQ3_MAC=XX:XX

Without parameters current state of the device is printed out.


[00:1A:22:XX:XX:XX] Target 17.0 (mode: auto dst, away: no)
Locked: False
Batter low: False
Window open: False
Window open temp: 12.0
Window open time: 0:15:00
Boost: False
Current target temp: 17.0
Current comfort temp: 20.0
Current eco temp: 17.0
Current mode: auto dst locked
Valve: 0

Getting & setting values.

eq3cli temp

Current target temp: 17.0

eq3cli temp --target 20

Current target temp: 17.0
Setting target temp: 20.0

For help, use --help

eq3cli --help
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