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Avandu is an emacs mode that connects to a Tiny Tiny RSS instance and allows you to read the feeds it has gathered locally.

The simplest way to install it is to use package.el:

(package-install-file "/path/to/avandu.el")

For further information I would like to refer you to the avandu info file.

Once installation is out of the way, it should get a value for avandu-tt-rss-api-url (for example: http://tt-rss.org/demo/api/) and then run avandu-overview.

Once in avandu:overview mode some key bindings will be:

  • r:: Mark article at point as read.
  • u:: Mark article at point as unread.
  • o:: Open article at point in a browser. Uses browse-url.
  • n:: Next article.
  • p:: Previous article.