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A silly utility to track the status of some git repositories
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gitto - A silly utility to track the status of some git repositories.


gitto [command [subcommand] [args...]]


For lack of a better title.

My simple utility to keep track of all the git repositories I have on my computer(s). Also an experiment in writing scheme.

Written for GNU Guile 2.0.9 or newer


Usage is, hopefully, simple, first you have to register some repos:

$ gitto add ~/projects/project1
$ gitto add ~/projects/project2
$ gitto add ~/projects/project3

Then you can call gitto without any argument to see a list of your repos and their statuses:

$ gitto
project1: Worktree is dirty
  master:      0 to push and 0 to pull. Last update: 4 weeks ago


project2: Worktree is clean
  master:      5 to push and 2 to pull. Last update: 2 days ago


project3: Worktree is clean
  master:      0 to push and 1 to pull. Last update: 1 hour ago

If you’re done with one of your projects and no longer wish to track their status you can unregister them:

$ gitto remove ~/projects/project1

If you require further assistance:

$ gitto help


It is not strictly necessary to install gitto, I have added a utility to run it straight from the project directory, although mostly for testing purposes.

Using run-gitto works exactly the same as using gitto when it is installed.

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