An adaptation of Julien Danjou's naquadah theme for the sawfish window manager
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Naquadah theme for sawfish

This is an adaptation of Julien Danjou's Naquadah theme.


In order to use this theme, put it into one of the directories in your theme-load-path in its own folder. For example:


And then, in your ~/.sawfish/rc file you set it as the default frame style:

(setq default-frame-style 'naquadah)

Or you use any other method of your choosing, such as the customize interface.


  • Very lightweight, doesn't use any images.
  • Shows the title bar at the bottom of the windows.
  • Very small and simple, easy to see what's going on.

Possible caveats

  • Very simplistic, doesn't have minimize, maximize or menu buttons in the title bar, just the title and a close button.
  • Shows the title bar at the bottom of the windows.