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multi-command README

This extension can create command sequence as one command and bind a key.


  • create command sequence as one command and bind a key.
  • set interval between each command execution.

Extension Settings

Settings has 2 steps.

  1. Create command sequence as one command in settings.json.
    For example:

    "multiCommand.commands": [
            "command": "multiCommand.down3Lines",
            "sequence": [
            "command": "multiCommand.swapChar",
            "interval": 30,
            "sequence": [

    First sequence is named "multiCommand.down3Lines" and executes "cursorDown" command 3 times.

    Second sequence is named "multiCommand.swapChar". This sequence swaps cursor's left character and the right character. If a command is executed asynchronousely, you can set time interval between each command execution using "interval" configuration(milliseconds).

  2. Bind a key to created command sequence in keybindings.json.
    For example:

    { "key": "F1", "command": "multiCommand.down3Lines", "when": "editorTextFocus"},
    { "key": "F2", "command": "multiCommand.swapChar", "when": "editorTextFocus"}

Advanced Settings

Pass arguments to commands

You can pass arguments to commands by defining a command sequence with args parameter. For Example:

    "command": "multiCommand.cutAndType",
    "sequence": [
       {"command": "type", "args": {"text": "CUT !!"}}

This sequence cut selected text and type "CUT !!".

Release Notes


New Feature: Pass arguments to commands.


Reloads settings.json when the file is changed.
Now, you can use a custom multi-command immediately after adding it in the settings.json without restarting vscode.


Initial release.