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Validate academic references in a .docx file
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Reference checker

This repository provides scripts that can allow you to validate academic references in a .docx file using the python-docx package.


  • Python 3
  • python-docx
  • ansi2html
  • git

Optional requirements

  • Golang


If you have Go installed, you can run the main server with go run ./server.go. Navigate to localhost:8000 in a browser, and enjoy. Alternatively, you may call – a wrapper around – from the command line. Note that ./ will overwrite your original file, so you probably don’t want to call it directly. In any case, you’ll receive an HTML document back telling you whether any of your references are out of order.

Things to do

  • Determine whether citations are missing from references list
  • Determine whether references list has extraneous citations
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