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Cocoon: Correct by Construction Networking

Cocoon (for Correct by Construction Networking), is an SDN programming language designed around the idea of iterative refinement. The network programmer starts with a high-level description of the desired network behavior, focusing on the service the network should provide to each packet, as opposed to how this service is implemented within the network fabric. The programmer then iteratively refines the top-level specification, adding details of the topology, routing, fault recovery, etc., until reaching a level of detail sufficient for the Cocoon compiler to generate an SDN application that manages network switches via the southbound interface (we currently support P4).

For more information about Cocoon, see the NSDI'17 paper.


Install the Haskell Platform. Note: on Ubuntu 15.10 or older, use generic Linux instructions instead of Ubuntu-specific instructions to get an up-to-date version of Haskell compiler and packages.

Update Haskell package list:

cabal update

Download and compile Cocoon:

git clone
cd cocoon/cocoon
cabal install --only-dependencies 
cabal configure
cabal build

Install Z3

Download and compile Corral. (This requires mono on Linux; install it, e.g., with sudo apt-get install mono-complete)

Add corral.exe to your $PATH.

To test the Cocoon verifier, run script in the top directory.