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Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps with additional information

This repository contains a WIP IETF I-D that seeks to replace RFC 3339 by making the following updates:

  1. Timestamps can now contain additional information including but not limited to time zone and calendar.
  2. The usage of 2-digit years is now no longer permitted.
  3. The usage of the extended year format (6-digit with sign) is now allowed.
  4. Numeric offsets can now include section and sub-second precision.
  5. The RFC no longer contains an ABNF grammar describing ISO 8601.


You can view the built HTML version of the draft here.


You can compare the differences from the base RFC 3339 here.


  • 00-front-area.adoc
  • 01-intro.adoc
  • 02-definitions.adoc
  • 03-two-digit-years.adoc
  • 04-local-time.adoc
  • 05-date-time-format.adoc
  • 06-references.adoc
  • 07-security.adoc
  • aa-iso-8601.adoc
  • ab-day-week.adoc
  • ac-leap-years.adoc
  • ad-leap-seconds.adoc


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