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Device Commander, a Cloud based Client/Server management tool.
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Device Commander (DevCDR)

is a lightweight Client/Server Management tool for Windows published under the Open-Source License "GNU General Public License v3.0". The Web-based Admin console allows to trigger actions against a single or multiple clients. Just mark the clients and select an activity from the right click menu or a custom PowerShell script.


Get a free instance:

Installation Manual on Wiki


  • interactive Web frontend
  • run PowerShell activities and custom commands in realtime
  • Install Software directly from
  • Inventory
    • Custom Inventory (PowerShell)
    • Blockchain based archive (JainDB)
    • Inventory-History with visual Differential and Timeline of changes
    • Custom Reporting with Excel or PowerBI
  • Scheduled PowerShell script for Health- and Compliance-checks
  • multi tenancy support (only for Server running .NET 4.7)
  • device grouping
  • Only outgoing HTTPS (443) communication (agent) with Proxy support
  • Azure AD Authentication (Management-Interface)


Agent Requirements

  • .NET4.6
  • DevCDRAgent (MSI is currently x64 only)

Server/Host Requirements

  • Azure Active Directory (Basic)
  • Azure Web App (Free F1 or better)
  • SSL

Server Core

Server Core is running on .NET Core 2.2. and can only host a single instance.

Note: Server Core is not compatible with the existing .NET4.6 Agent. please use the new Agent for Server Core.


A preconfigured Docker image is available at: or just run: docker pull zanderr/devcdr_server_core


The default view is in Read-Only mode, so you will not be able to trigger something on my machines :-)

Test Instance You have to install an Agent in this Test-Instance (click the "Agent" button on the Web-Site to get the installation command).

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