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RuckZuck is a Software Package Manager for Windows, a quick way to install and update Software....

Select a Software from the Repository and RuckZuck handles the download and the Installation for you. RuckZuck is able to detect and update existing Software that was not installed with RuckZuck.

The RuckZuck repository does not store the binaries of the Software, just the links to where the software is downloaded. Installing Software with RuckZuck does not grant you a license for that Product.

Statistics and Figures of the Project:

2015: http://rzander.azurewebsites.net/ruckzuck-packagemanager-v1-0/

2016: https://rzander.azurewebsites.net/ruckzuck-figures-for-2016/

2017: https://rzander.azurewebsites.net/ruckzuck-figures-for-2017/

RuckZuck components

RuckZuck_Tool (RuckZuck.exe)

The RuckZuck.exe is a portable Tool with a UI to install or update Applications from the RZ Repository.

RZUpdate (RZUpdate.exe)

RZUpdate.exe is a portable command-line tool to install or update Applications from the RZ Repository.

OneGet Provider

A Provider for OneGet (part of Win10) to update or install Applications from the RZ Repository with PowerShell.

Examples on: https://github.com/rzander/ruckzuck/wiki/RuckZuck-OneGet-Provider

RZ for Configuration Manager

allows to import Applications from the RZ Repository into Microsofts System Center Configuration Manager from a UI. It will create ConfigMgr Applications, DeploymentType, Collection and a Deployment. V1.5.1.8 news: https://rzander.azurewebsites.net/ruckzuck-for-configmgr-new-v1-5-18/

RuckZuck Caching Service

Docker container to cache RuckZuck traffic (SW definitions, Icons and binary-downloads). https://rzander.azurewebsites.net/ruckzuck-cache/


(internals) A "Service" to automatically download and install failed apps.


(internals) A real-time Log-Console to get failed and success installations.


(internals) RuckZuck Back-End Web-Service. Overview