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@rzander rzander released this May 11, 2021

New: Dynamic URL's (PowerShell based URL's can return "<skip>" to ignore this URL)
Fix: Updated digital signature
Fix: #128 PowerShell Set-Location Issue
New: RZBot to use Azure Queue instead of ServiceBus

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@rzander rzander released this Nov 16, 2020

RZGet Fix: on install check for local JSON File in %TEMP%
RZ4Intune: Set AppVersion on the Intune App
RZ4Intune: #126 Fix: Unable to create Package if Manufacturer is empty
RZ4Intune: create Folder and File structure even if no user logged on
RuckZuck: #120 Fix: After editing a Package, switch back to previous open tab
RuckZuck: #124 Fix: Searchbox issues
RuckZuck: #122 Update: rename Favorites to "Support"
RuckZuck: #125 Sort Update-List
OneGet: Do not wait if other packages are installing to prevent endless wait

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@rzander rzander released this Nov 1, 2020

  • Catalog caching improved
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@rzander rzander released this Oct 11, 2020

Fix: Crash when creating new Packages
New: Support customer customer repositories

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@rzander rzander released this Sep 29, 2020

Fix: Installation Queue Window not showing on first click

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@rzander rzander released this Jul 29, 2020


  • RuckZuck.exe: replace old version numbers in powershell when importing/changing the productversion
  • RuckZuck.exe: MessageBox if closing the tool while downloads/installations are running
  • RZ4Intune: Default value for NoExit set to false (can be configured in .config)


  • Base: Performance optimizations as most functions will run async
  • Initial Version of RZGet.exe , a replacement for RZUpdate.exe
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@rzander rzander released this Mar 29, 2020

New: #86 ShowMessage on close if jobs are runing

Fix: disable Broadcast option was ignored

8.July.2020 RZ4Intune fix download issue of IntuneWinAppUtil.exe

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@rzander rzander released this Dec 7, 2019

Fix: #74 RZ4Intune - Problem with special characters in short name
Fix: #75 RZ4Intune - Updating apps in Intune
Fix: #76 RZ4Intune - script fails to upload application
Fix: RZ4Intune - Pass AuthToken to powershell to prevent 2nd Logon prompt

New: #73 All - Validate AuthentiCode signature for File integrity check
New: #72 All - Include FileSize when creating new Packages

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@rzander rzander released this Nov 2, 2019

Fix: Updates failed for Apps with mutiple InstallTypes

Note: RZ4Intune was updated on 29.Nov.

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@rzander rzander released this Oct 19, 2019

Fix: use pre-sized Icons in Install-Panel
Fix: #63 E131 Error on RZUpddate.exe /update

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