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Run Benchmarks

In keeping tradition with my "working blog" title I've included these instructions to enable you to run the benchmarks on your own hardware.


Since I already assumed familiarity with Search I'm going to assume you already have it installed or you know how to build a devrel from scratch. Remember, Search is integrated with Riak now.

You'll need the Python [client] pc to load the data.

You'll need [basho bench] bb to run the benchmarks.

Finally, you'll need a local copy of the Riak Search [code] rsc because it contains the bench driver needed to run the benchmarks.

Then you should edit the Makefile and .config files to correspond to your environment.

  • BB - Path to Basho Bench

  • RIAK_PATH - That path to your Riak "install." If you used devrel then point it to <riak path>/dev/dev1. The key is that the bin dir exist in this directory.

  • PBC_PORT - The Protocol Buffers port of any of your nodes. If using devrel then set it to 8081.

For example...

BB ?= /Users/rzezeski/work/basho_bench
RIAK_PATH ?= /Users/rzezeski/work/riak/dev/dev1
PBC_PORT ?= 8081

And in the .config files...

{source_dir, "/Users/rzezeski/work/riak_search/src"}.

Load Corpus

To load the data run the following. Keep in mind this will take several minutes to load and you will see a few errors that you can safely ignore. It would be a good time to step away for a beer, a smoke, or an apple if you listened to your mother as a child.

make init

Run the Benchmarks

A total of 4 runs will occur. The first to prime the system and then the three queries. Each run will take 5 minutes to finish.

make run

Generate the Pretty Graphs

If you want to see pretty graphs run the following command. It should create PNG images for each run.

make results