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Yokozuna and EC2

Building a Cluster

Allow Inter-node Communication

Riak relies on distributed Erlang for intercommunication. Distributed Erlang relies on port 4369 along with a range of dynamic ports. The simplest solution is to enable traffic across all ports among the EC2 instances.

ec2-authorize default -P TCP -p -1 -o default

Start Instances

I recommend using five nodes. If you just want to experiment one node will work. Performance Tuning for AWS contains advice in regards to running Riak on EC2.

ec2-run-instances ami-0f910666 -k <YOUR_KEY> -n <NUM_NODES>

Each instance contains a self-contained Riak release under ~ec2-user/riak/rel/riak. Many of the following sections assume a remote shell on each instance with a working directory of ~ec2-user/riak/rel/riak.

Modify vm.args

The node name in the etc/vm.args file must be changed before starting Riak.

-name riak@<HOSTNAME>

Change the cookie for extra security. This isn't strictly necessary but if the distributed Erlang ports are open to the outside world then you should change the cookie to prevent outside access to your Erlang cluster.

-cookie <SOME_TEXT>

Make sure enable SMP, even if on single core machine. Otherwise Riak will fail to start.

-smp true

Open HTTP to Outside

If you want to open HTTP to the internet then do the following. First, change the default security group to allow traffic on 8098.

ec2-authorize default -p 8098

Second, modify app.config to listen for HTTP on an external interface. I.e. changing {http, [ {"", 8098 } ]} to {http, [ {"", 8098 } ]}.

Create the Data Dir

sudo mkdir /media/ephemeral0/data
sudo chown ec2-user /media/ephemeral0/data
sudo chgrp ec2-user /media/ephemeral0/data

Start Riak

./bin/riak start

Form a Cluster

Yokozuna is an addition to Riak. Building a cluster is the same as Riak. There are no additional steps introduced by Yokozuna.

./bin/riak-admin cluster join riak@<FIRST_INSTNACE_HOSTNAME>

./bin/riak-admin cluster plan

./bin/riak-admin cluster commit

Index/Query Data

To start indexing and querying data take a look at the [Getting Started] gs guide.


The AMI is a customization of Amazon Linux ami-f565ba9c. It is x86_64 using instance storage.

Yokozuna is a moving target. If you run into issues you may want to check which commit of Yokozuna is being used and compare it against the [commit log] yz_commit_log.

$ (cd ~ec2-user/riak/deps/yokozuna && git log -1)